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Aug 8, 2009 10:30am EDT
-safe for the campaign to reach replacement-level fertility rates. as it turned out, america reached population stabilization the year before the supreme court legalized abortion on a national scale. but church and antiabortion rights leaders nonetheless viewed legalized abortion and population stabilization as being inextricably linked. >> the opponents to family planning did a very divisive tactic by saying essentially promoting family planning would lead to genocide. it was a whole strategy. i always see as one of the major opponents to family planning is the hierarchy of the roman catholic church. and there just became this whole thing that was family planning, advocating it for the developing world, was anti-people of color. >> bonnie: there was even a b movie released in 1971 called zpg for zero population growth that envisioned a big brother-type world in which governments controlled women's fertility and issued robotic infants to women who wanted children but weren't allowed to have them. >> clearly there are politics, associated with certain religious groups, who feel the di
Aug 30, 2009 7:00am EDT
was running for the nomination thinking, is america ready for this, and will there be a backlash? so are we seeing a backlash? >> well, let me just say that alooalot of these comments haven emanating around the whole healthcare issue, and there have been some -- >> that had nothing to do with it, and by the way, i hate to say this, but you kind of expect it from the likes of glenn beck, but you don't expect it from a woman. >> no, no, women can be racist. i mean, i don't think -- i think gender has nothing to do with it. what i'm saying is that this issue has been filled with, you know, town meetings that have hateful comments coming from pretty organized groups. you had antiabortion people yelling at one town hall meeting. what were they doing over there? >> one at a time or nobody gets hurt. >> i listen to you. >> what it does is to reduce discourse to the fringe part of every healthcare argument. to they're going to kill old people, they're going to do that, as opposed to discussing what if we just left healthcare alone the way it is, what do you think the con consequences wou
Aug 22, 2009 10:30am EDT
and everybody else's, it's going to be targeted to women but not to the male beer drinkers of america. it's got to be targeted at this audience. >> the publication given to it was advertisement in and of itself was far more powerful than anything companies could come up with. so hopefully people will listen. >> i would say the consequences, you have organizations like moaghts against drun mothers agt drunk driving. >> lets not be naive of the political power of the alcohol tri. it's superb. they're fighting against us. >> bonnie: all right. >>> behind the headlines, animal rights. women have been highly visible in movements to save and protect animal life. yet the world's largest animal rights organization, people for the ethical treatment of animals or peta has been criticized for objectifying women to further its message. ingrid newkirk, president and founder of peta, rejects claims of sexism and defends her organization's tactics. >> what we do is very shocking, and it's very hard to penetrate the news, if you're not talking about war or sex or politics, you're pretty much locked o
Jul 31, 2009 8:30pm EDT
perspectives. up first, the beer summit: the future of race relations in america. will president obama's meeting with harvard professor henry louis gates, jr. and sergeant james crowley at the white house close yet another chapter of tense race relations or rekindle the flames? the meeting gave the president a chance to make further amends for saying: >> the cambridge police acted stupidly. >> bonnie: although both parties agreed to the meeting, leading up to it gates continued to say he was a victim of raraal profiling, and crowley said he was not going to apologize for doing his job. meanwhile a new poll finds more americans disapprove of the president's initial response to gates' arrest. so is this the end of the dust up or the beginning, irene natividad? >> let's get real. this is one person's solution to a person faux pas. but that said, i think this is the way you lower the temperature and reach out to peacpeople who don't necessarily believe what you do. >> no, i don't think this is the end. this has demonstrated by his own words and association that this president is not
Aug 16, 2009 7:00am EDT
peril. >> health care has to be addressed in america. you have, not only republicans in the tea party types, but the unions and the democratic national party stacking the rooms, it is politically toxic, they go after each other, and it is political theater at this point. they are very concerned. but the advent of social media, you can talk too these experts and say, you can light a match, but unless the gasoline is there it won't ignite. people care about health care. >> well, i would say if they're paid protesters, they're not getting their money's worth. but i think they are going to get a bill because i think there's so much understanding on both sides that we really need health care reform in some fashion. it's just getting down to the details of what that means. >> and i'm not sure that there are somewhere -- 80% of the country still says they're happy with their health care system. one thick ipg that's-d thing that's gone wrong, we've talked nothing at all about health care reform, nothing about -- [simultaneous speech] >> public option i feel, but. >> if it has directed the con
Search Results 0 to 12 of about 13 (some duplicates have been removed)